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Novemeber 2012

La Voz de Houston – La lucha por evitar el robo de sueldos llega a Houston

October 2012

Semana News – Trabajadores en Houston denuncian robo de salarios

The Nation – “This Week in Poverty” Featured Action: The Justice Bus

September 2012

The Huffington Post – Fixing Our Wage Theft Laws to Protect Workers, Responsible Businesses, and State Budgets

La Voz de Houston – Trabajadoras domésticas piden trato justo

Construction Citizen – Worker: “Employer Threatened Me with a Gun When I Asked to Be Paid”

Houston Chronicle Blog – Bread and Roses for Houston’s Low-Wage Workers

Univision Houston – Organización ayuda con el robo de salario

July 2012

Univision Houston – Robo de Salarios en Houston, conozca sus derechos

June 2012

McClatchy Newspapers – New economy fallout – wage theft from paychecks

The Huffington Post – Wage Theft: A Crime You Can Get Away With

Univision Primer Impacto – Demanda puso fin a explotacion de trabajadoras domesticas por sus patrones

May 2012

The Nation – This Week in Poverty: Wage Theft in the City of Millionaires

Radio Bilingue – Linea Abierta: Robo de Salarios

The Nation – Wage Theft: A Crime Without Punishment?

Dos Centavos – Houston, We Have a Wage Theft Problem!

KUHF FM – Local Group Calls Wage Theft a Growing Problem

Univision Houston – El Robo Salarial Afecta a Trabajadores de Houston

April 2012

KUHF FM News – Local Group Calls “Wage Theft” A Growing Problem

Univision Houston – Empleadas domésticas denuncian maltrato y mala paga

Click2Houston – Live chicken used in protest against HISD

MyFox Houston – Workers Cheated on HISD Building Sites

Telemundo Houston – Esta noche a las 10pm

I4U News – Workers Cheated on HISD Building Sites

March 2012

Semana News – Piden un alto al robo de salarios

Construction Citizen – Wage Theft Issue Brought Before Houston City Council

Rumbo – Claman contra el robo de salarios en Houston

IWJ Worker Center Network – Network Solidarity Fights Wage Theft in Florida

The Daily Hurricane – Rally Against Wage Theft in Houston on 3/20

Texas GOP Vote – Houston ISD Wage Theft and Bribery Allegations

February 2012

Equal Voice – Wage War: Employers Stealing Millions from US Workers

Semana News – Piden a HISD cambiar código de ética

January 2012

La Opinion Houston – Piden apoyo a HISD trabajadores robados por empresas constructoras

Houston Press – Mike Lunceford Elected Prez of HISD School Board, Love-Boat Style

December 2011

Culture Map – Furor over unpaid tips at Molzan’s Ruggles Grill rages on

Houston Press – Unpaid Tips and Wages in Restaurants: How common is it?

Houston Chronicle – 5 workers at Montrose eatery walk out over tips

Dos Centavos – The Campaign Against Wage Theft in Houston

El Pueblo Newspaper – El Bus de Justicia rueda por Houston, sigue en el camino de la lucha

November 2011

Houston Chronicle – Houston workers demand justice for wage theft

The Venture – Justice Bus: National Day of Action Against Wage Theft

Houston Communist Party – Justice Bus Confronts Businesses in Houston who Refuse to Pay their Workers

Houston Chronicle – Sixel: It isn’t quttin’ time till the boss says it is (Note that many times off-the clock hours aren’t paid)

October 2011

The New York Times – Enforcement is Next Task for Law on Wage Theft

Univision Houston – Ex-empleadas luchan por sus derechos como trabajadoras

Houston Chronicle – Is there a sweatshop in your backyard?

September 2011

MyFoxHouston – Advocates Rally Against Unscrupulous Employers

Univision Houston – No permita que le roben su sueldo

August 2011

Houston Chronicle – Tougher wage-theft law offers hope for poor workers