The Down with Wage Theft Campaign is driven by a coalition of Houston community, faith, & labor organizations, responsible businesses and individuals who believe in standing up for workers’ rights to a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work and making Houston a just and prosperous place to work. The campaign is spear-headed by the Fe y Justicia Worker Center and supported by the coalition.

Why Wage Theft?

Millions of workers each year are robbed of billions of dollars, often forcing them to choose between paying rent or putting food on the table. It robs from the government’s tax coffers, resulting in cutbacks of vital services. Wage theft puts ethical employers at a competitive disadvantage and can destroy community businesses, as working families cannot spend wages they haven’t received.

What we’re doing:

Aside from working directly with affected workers to make wage claims and recover unpaid wages, the coalition engages all Houston workers, community members, and responsible businesses in education, outreach, and advocacy opportunities. We work to bring awareness about wage theft and worker rights, denounce labor abuses through public action campaigns, and organize a diverse group of constituencies to take action in improving the lives of Houston working families and responsible businesses.

What we’re working for:

We firmly believe that Houston should be a city where work is honored and wage theft is not tolerated.  We’re committed to working with affected workers, community leaders, responsible businesses, and the City of Houston to:

  • Make Houston a Zero Tolerance city for Wage Theft
  • Streamline and expedite the process for workers to file civil complaints of wage theft with the City of Houston
  • Raise the costs for unscrupulous employers who fail to compensate their employees
  • Level the playing field for ethical businesses to be able to compete and thrive in our city

Campaign Values:

  • All work is sacred and deserves respect.
  • Workers have the right to be paid for all the hours they work, to be treated fairly on the job, and to provide for their families with dignity.
  • Wage theft hurts everyone – working families, responsible businesses, consumers, taxpayers and the local economy.
  • Protecting workers rights is essential to developing a healthy and thriving Houston economy.
Martha Ojeda, Campaign Organizer
Phone: 713-862-8222 Email:  mojeda@houstonworkers.org