Justice Bus 2013 – FAQs

What is the Justice Bus ?

The Justice Bus is a mobile protest organized by the Down with Wage Theft Campaign and the Fe y Justicia Worker Center to denounce labor abuse in our city and demand justice for Houston workers. The Justice Bus visits various employers and companies around the city that have outstanding wage claims, documented worker exploitation, or other types of labor abuse. Employers visited by the Justice Bus have been contacted various times by their workers and the Fe y Justica Worker Center, have attended mediations or court hearings, and some have even received judgments against them, yet they still refuse to pay their workers or resolve the labor dispute. The Justice Bus seeks a resolution to these cases by putting public pressure on these unscrupulous employers, and also spur the Houston community to take action against this ongoing crime.

Who can ride the Justice Bus?

The Justice Bus is open to the entire Houston community who wishes to support worker’s rights. We encourage everyone to sign up beforehand so we can ensure we have enough space on the bus and enough food for lunch.

How are cases chosen for the Justice Bus?

Cases are chosen from the hundreds of cases of labor abuse received every year by the Worker Center. Workers in these cases have exhausted their resources attempting to get their cases resolved, and have decided to pursue public action and support to pressure their employers to do the right thing. Both the workers and the organization have attempted repeated communication and mediation with the employers, and some employers even have outstanding judgments against them.

How do I find out about the cases for each stop?

We will be releasing information on the individual worker stories on the Monday before the Justice Bus. The workers will share details about their experiences, how they were affected, and what improvements and protections they’re fighting for. Due to the sensitivity of the cases, employer information will not be released until the night before the Justice Bus.

When is the Justice Bus?

The Justice Bus will take place on Tuesday June 11th, 2013 from 8:00am – 6:00pm.

Where can I catch the bus?

The Justice Bus will depart from the parking lot of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church (1805 W. Alabama St.) promptly at 8:00am.

What if I can’t ride the whole day?

If you are unable to ride with the bus the whole day, but you would still like to support the Justice Bus, you can follow us in your own vehicle to each individual stop. The full Justice Bus route and maps will be emailed to registered participants the day before the event, and will also be distributed the morning of June 11 before the bus departs. Please note: even if you don’t plan on riding the bus, please sign up so we can have an accurate count of participants.

Is there a cost to ride the Justice Bus?

There is no cost to ride the Justice Bus. Lunch is also included.

What should I bring on the bus?

Please bring your energy and excitement to demand justice for Houston workers. While lunch will be provided, you are encouraged to bring a water bottle and light snacks. Please wear comfortable clothing and your Down with Wage Theft Campaign t-shirt if you have one (Shirts will be available for purchase on the bus. $10). We will provide posters, banners, fliers, noise makers, and other fun protest items. Feel free to bring your own.

How do I register for the bus?

You can register online or by calling 713-862-8222.


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