Houston Workers Still Suffering From Wage Theft Impunity

For Immediate Release: September 6, 2012

Contact: Jose Eduardo Sanchez, jose@hiwj.org, 832-715-5975


Diverse Coalition Joins Together to Demand a Fair Day’s Pay for a Fair Day’s Work

Houston, TX – On Friday morning, a broad coalition of Houston workers, community allies, and faith leaders will join together to demand Oscar Suazo’s due wages and denounce wage theft in the city of Houston.  As our city continues to boast of economic prosperity and becomes the new beacon for the world’s millionaires, working families like Oscar’s are being hard hit by the devastating effects of wage theft.

Oscar Suazo worked for doing construction and demolition work at various buildings in downtown Houston for his employer, Full Service Construction. Oscar was not only denied overtime pay by his employer, due to his supposed “independent contractor” status, but he was also being paid at $7/hr, below the federal minimum wage. In total, Oscar is owed $1929.66 dollars for his 6 weeks of work. To Oscar, this meant losing several months of rent, forcing him to borrow from friends and family members; weeks of having to think twice before buying a meal or refueling his car to look for other work.

Two years after he completed the work, Oscar has only a piece of paper from the small claims court and not a single cent of his $1,929.66. Meanwhile, Mr. Chapa continues to operate his business and is allowed to continue exploiting workers with impunity. Oscar decided to come forward with his case and demand justice, because he knows that he’s not the only person affected by wage theft and that thousands of workers like him in Houston deserve their fair pay and a just and prosperous place to work.

WHAT:  Protest to demand Oscar’s due wages

WHEN: 9:00 am, Friday September 7, 2012

WHERE: Full Service Construction, Inc., 6935 Moss Rose St, Houston, TX 77087

WHO: Oscar Suazo, Houston workers, community & faith leaders

WHY:  To demand Oscar’s due wages, denounce the impunity of unscrupulous employers who exploit Houston’s low-wage workers



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