70 Workers Walk Off Job due to Safety Concerns at Exxon’s Project Delta

On June 11, 2012, over 70 workers walked off the job at Exxon’s “Project Delta” near The Woodlands, Texas. The workers, employed by Houston-based D’Ambra Steel, are demanding improved safety measures and equipment to continue the work.

Workers report having no access to water on the job or medical care when workers are injured. The Ironworkers union has been negotiating with D’ambra for better safety measures for all workers on the project. Most recently, a delegation visited one of the company’s projects in Dallas, Texas to demand improved working conditions for workers on their sites.

The oil giant’s announcement of their new campus came with much anticipation to the Houston community. The company’s own press release lauded the project, noting that “construction and ongoing operations will create thousands of jobs, substantial state and local taxes and significant benefits to the Texas and Houston-area economy.”

But as always, the question that comes with the promise of “job creation” is what kind of jobs will be created. Safe jobs that not only allow workers to provide for, but also come home safe to their families after a fair day’s work, or jobs that put workers at risk of becoming yet another statistic in our state’s alarming workplace fatalities and injury rate. 

Just like being paid for their work, a healthy and safe work environment is a basic right that all workers deserve.

For more information on how you can support these workers in their struggle for safe working conditions, contact Kirk Howell (801-310-1642) or Manny Valencia (619-517-1757)


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